Best Sleep Positions: How to Sleep with Shoulder Pain and Other Body Pains

How to Sleep with Shoulder Pain and Other Body Pains

Sleep is important for anyone. Without it, we feel exhausted all throughout the day. Sleep is rest after a day’s hard work.

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No one is conscious about his sleep position and quality of sleep once he lay down to sleep at night. But what if you suffer from shoulder, back, or neck pain? How to sleep with shoulder pain? How do you deal with back pain when you lay down to sleep?

The quality of sleep is important for our body to recover and rejuvenate for the next day. While the number of hours is important, the ways we sleep have huge impact on the specific parts of the body including the back, leg, joints, and shoulder. How to sleep with shoulder pain, back pain, and other joint aches?

This article discusses about the different sleep positions to prevent pains in the shoulder, back, legs, and neck. Do you sleep on your back? Are you more comfortable with sleeping on your side? Identify your sleep position and know if it is good for your body…

How to sleep with shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be severe or acute depending on how often it is felt, how long it has been felt, and when they are diagnosed. Sometimes, shoulder pain is just caused by poor posture. Sometimes, it is caused by more serious conditions such as the separation or inflammation of joints, rotator cuff tendonitis, or rotator cuff tear.

Shoulder pain can be treated with physical therapy, observing correct posture, or taking anti inflammatory medications. It can also be simply treated with proper sleep position.

For shoulder pain, lying directly on the shoulder is ideal. But if it is difficult, try to rotate the shoulder slightly backward or forward. Using extra pillows to support the shoulders will add comfort in this position all night.

How to sleep with back pain?

For back pain, sleeping on your back is not recommended. This position puts pressure on the spine because it creates too much arch on the spine. You can bend your knees slightly upward or add a pillow under your knees to keep this position throughout the night.

Back pain is caused by different factors such as poor posture, scoliosis, too much hard work, overuse of the back muscles, and exercise. It can also be caused by aging.

Back pain can be addressed by physical therapy, pain relievers, stretching, etc. The treatment depends on the underlying cause of the back pain so it is important to diagnose it first before applying any treatment.

How to sleep with neck pain?

If you are suffering from neck pain, sleeping can also be difficult. Using a small rolled up hand towel and putting it under the neck adds support. You can also put this rolled towel inside the pillowcase to keep it in place.

Sleeping on the side

Sleeping on the side is most ideal and beneficial sleeping position. It maintains the natural, best alignment of the spine from the neck all the way down. Be sure not to arch yourself too much though.

Adding pillow between the knees on a side sleeping position keeps the best alignment for the spine and pelvis. It is also more comfortable for the knees and entire body.


Sleep is important for the body to rest and recover from a long day and prepare it for the next day. Aside from the quantity, the sleeping position is also important. When you wake up feeling pain on a specific part of the body, you might be sleeping on the wrong side.

The abovementioned sleeping positions help prevent body ache. How to sleep with shoulder pain is done by sleeping on the back or directly on the shoulders. If you are back sleeper, rotate the shoulder slightly forward or backward.

For back pain, sleeping on the back and adding a pillow underneath the knees will prevent pressure on the spine that causes pain. For neck pain, a small rolled up towel under the neck is recommended.

But did you know the best sleeping position that prevent any kind of pain and maintains the best, neutral position for the spine? It is sleeping on the side with pillow in between the legs. It keeps the natural alignment of the spine and pelvis.

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