Natural Cures for Shoulder Pain – Initial Treatment

Natural Cures for Shoulder Pain

The treatment for shoulder pain varies and depends on the diagnosis and root cause. It may occur several times and in any muscle, joint, or ligament around the shoulder. There natural cures for shoulder pain can be applied as long as there is proper diagnosis and understand the cause.

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Anyone may experience shoulder pain – young, old, men, or women. But the most at risk are people who are into sports especially volleyball, rugby, swimming, and weight lifting and people ages 40 and above. Anyone with bad posture too is at risk.

Natural cures for shoulder pain

If you experience severe and chronic shoulder pain, seek medical advice for proper diagnosis and treatment. For minor shoulder pain, you can treat it at home with these natural cures:

Hot compress

Hot compress helps relieve inflammation, swelling, and stressed out muscles in the shoulder area. It is more effective when hot compress is applied to the affected area 48 hours after the shoulder injury happened. How to do a hot compress natural cure for shoulder pain?

  • Put hot water into the water bag and apply it on the shoulder for 10 – 15 minutes. Do it while lying down comfortably. Do it for few times a day for more relief.
  • You can also do it while having shower. Let the warm to hot water shower run down your body for 5 to 10 minutes.

Cold compress

Cold compress can help reduce inflammation and numbness in the shoulder area. It is best when applied right after the injury to help reduce the pain and inflammation. How to do a cold compress natural cure for shoulder pain?

  • Fill in a plastic bag with some ice cubes. Wrap the bag with thin towel.
  • Put it in the aching shoulder for 10 to 15 minutes. Do it for few times in a day.

You may also soak a towel in very cold water, rinse it, and place it on the affected shoulder. Avoid placing the ice directly on the skin to avoid frostbite.


Turmeric is one of the nature’s bests because it has many applications. One of them is the natural cures for shoulder pain. It helps relieve the pain because it contains curcumin. Curcumin is an effective anti oxidant and contains anti inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and pain.

How to make turmeric as a natural cure for shoulder pain?

  • Turn the turmeric powder into a paste by mixing 2 tablespoons of it to one or more tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply this paste on the affected shoulder and wait for it dry. Once it dries off, rinse it with warm water. Repeat it twice a day or until the pain is gone.
  • You may also boil 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed to 1 cup of milk. Add honey to sweeten it. Drink it twice a day to help heal the shoulder pain.

Epsom salt bath

Have you ever heard of Epsom salt? Epsom salt is made of magnesium sulfate that can help decrease the pain. It also helps improve the circulation of the blood and relax the shoulder muscles and the entire body. How to make an Epson salt bath as a natural cure for shoulder pain?

  • Fill the bath tub with tolerably hot water.
  • Mix 2 cups of Epsom salt into it and stir thoroughly.
  • Soak in this tub with the affected shoulder submerged for 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Do it up to 3 times a week.


Garlic has strong smell that may not be desired by some people. But this spice is an ultimate anti inflammatory agent too. How to make garlic a natural cure for shoulder pain?

  • Mash 3 – 4 cloves of garlic and heat it in a quarter cup of mustard oil. Then, apply this oil on the affected shoulder and massage gently. It will help ease the pain.
  • You can also massage the affected shoulder with plain garlic oil.

There are more natural cures for shoulder pain that readily available at home. It is important, though, to determine and understand the cause of the shoulder pain you feel. The causes vary so the treatment varies too.

If you experience severe pain for few days already, it is best to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and prevent any serious cause that underlies the pain.

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