Pain Management 101: Shoulder Blade Pain Treatment

Pain Management 101

Shoulder pain is caused by different factors. It could be a simple over fatigue of joints, ligaments, or muscles that surround the shoulder. It could be because of poor posture or sleeping position.

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Shoulder pain can be felt in the joints, muscles, or blade. What is the effective shoulder blade pain treatment? Can it be applied to the pains felt in other areas of the shoulder?

Shoulder blade pain usually comes from the joints or muscles. It might be because of poor posture that overload the muscles between the blades. But sometimes, there are more odd conditions that cause it. These include osteoporosis, heart conditions, history of cancer, abdominal conditions, lung conditions, and shingles.

Shoulder blade pain treatment

So, how to manage shoulder blade pain? Here are some shoulder blade pain treatments that you can apply to reduce or heal the pain:

Improve your workstation

Poor posture can lead to shoulder blade pain. The common postural deviations are the tilted to one side, rounded shoulders, and rotated to one side. Fixing improper posture is easier compared to physical therapy or surgery.

Sometimes, poor posture is caused by bad workstation. To help you have proper posture, improve your workstation. This will encourage you to sit properly and comfortably.

Massage the affected area

Massaging the shoulder blades will help ease the pain caused by the tension between the muscles. The proper way to massage this area is:

  • Put the massage ball on the affected area.
  • Roll your body weight up and down so that the ball moves over the area.
  • If you can, move your arm in an up or down motion.
  • If you feel more pain in the area while massaging, it means that the muscle is overactive or tight. Don’t stop and continue the massage if you can still handle it.
  • Do it for 3 -5 minutes.

Stretching the shoulder blade muscle

Try to stretch the overactive muscles between the shoulder blades. It will help relax them and reduce the pain. Here is how to stretch for the shoulder blade pain treatment:

  • Inter clasp your fingers.
  • Lean back and curve your upper back as much as you can.
  • Push your hands away from your body.
  • Then look down.
  • This time you feel the stretch. Move your stretched arm in different angles until you feel the tingling sensation.
  • Maintain your shoulders in relaxed position.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds, repeat for 3 times.

Stretch other muscles

Stretching other muscles will help ease the pain in the shoulder blade. Among the muscle groups that help reduce or heal shoulder blade pain when stretched are the postural muscles, chest, thoracic spine, and other tight muscles.

Other natural treatment for shoulder pain

Aside from the abovementioned treatments, you can help reduce shoulder pain including the shoulder blade pain with the following natural treatments:

Hot compress

Hot compress can help relax the shoulder blade pain and other stressed muscles. It can also reduce the inflammation and swelling.


Garlic is not just your ordinary spice. It is an anti inflammatory agent. Mash 3-4 cloves of garlic and heat it in mustard oil. Apply the mixture and massage it gently. This will help ease the pain. You can also use plain garlic oil.


Turmeric can help alleviate the pain too. It contains curcumin that has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties to help decrease the pain. Make a turmeric paste by mixing 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder and 1 or more tablespoon of coconut oil. Then rub it over the shoulder blade and let it dry. Rinse well with water. Do it twice a day or until the shoulder blade pain is gone.

Turmeric capsules in 250 – 500 mg are available too. You can take them up to 3 times a day. For correct dosage, consult a doctor.

Shoulder blade pain treatment is not an overnight solution. There is no overnight solution. Any treatment will fix the shoulder blade pain as long as it takes.

But before applying any shoulder blade pain treatment, it is important to diagnose the pain. What is the real problem? Is there any underlying health condition that causes the pain? Consulting a doctor will help you understand more about the shoulder pain blade that you feel.

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