What Causes Shoulder Blade Pain?

What Causes Shoulder Blade Pain

Are you involved in a job that involves a lot of physical activity like bending, lifting, and twisting? At some point, you must have felt debilitating pain between your shoulder blades and wondered what causes shoulder blade pain.

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Your shoulder complex is a cluster of several muscles and bones, many of which are in constant movement throughout the day. Therefore, a strain may not be the only medical condition affecting this region. Your shoulder blade pain may be due to other reasons.

Common Causes of Shoulder Blade Pain

If you experience pain around the shoulder blade when you move your arm or rotate your shoulder, you may have a strained muscle. There are 23 muscles connected to the shoulder blade or scapula, so many of these muscles work together when the shoulder blade moves over the spine.

Consider this case where the patient experiences back pain whenever he stands or walks for more than a few minutes. Physical therapy, muscle relaxants, hot and cold compression all seem to work, but they offer temporary relief from pain and tightness in the back.

So what causes shoulder blade pain? Are these muscles around the spinal cord working to full potential? The fact that your muscles in front do not cause discomfort or pain must tell you that your back muscles are not in order. They may be twisted and weakened over a period of time.

Your diagnosis may not be 100% correct, but if you follow a system like Shoulder Pain No More, you will be able to diagnose the reason for your shoulder blade pain. You gain access to techniques, exercises, and stretches that help get rid of pain and stiffness in just a few weeks. There are no strenuous medical tests and/or surgeries to consider.

Referred Cervical Pain

There are times when shoulder blade pain occurs for no obvious reason. It can happen even if you are in an inactive physical state. For example, sitting in front of your computer screen for eight hours or more may lead to referred cervical pain or pain radiating from the spinal cord. If you feel pain between your shoulder blades, it probably radiates from the sixth and seventh cervical joints.

Sometimes, pain radiates from a joint connecting the thoracic spine to the ribs. This pain is focused on a specific area. You can easily identify the spot by running a few tests. Referred pain can also occur from ailments in the stomach, liver, or lungs. These organs are found in the region around the scapula.

Shoulder Blade Pain From Trauma

Accidents and falls are the most common causes of shoulder blade pain. If a fracture occurs in the scapula, then the muscles around it are strained. This results in abnormal arm and back movements. You may experience shoulder blade pain every time you try to lift or move your arm.

Consult your doctor, if you suspect your injury to be a fracture. In most cases, however, your shoulder injury will heal when you complete a few basic steps.

  • Avoid rigorous exercise for a few weeks until the pain subsides.
  • Manipulate the affected muscles around the scapula with cold and hot compress bags.
  • Apply a muscle relaxant locally over the affected area.
  • Take mild painkillers to reduce inflammation and pain.

These steps will help reduce shoulder blade pain. You need to avoid any kind of unnatural movements around the scapula. If your pain is bearable, adopt safety evaluation techniques.

Check your range of motion in the neck, mid-back, and shoulder. Focus must be on identifying symptoms like lack of mobility, pinched nerve, and weakened muscle strength. Identify and take care of minor back injuries quickly.

Shoulder Pain No More shows you exactly how you can use simple techniques to get rid of your shoulder blade pain for good. You will discover the root cause of your shoulder blade pain.

Once you gather enough information about this condition, adopt simple techniques listed out in the guide to create your own comprehensive rehabilitation program based on feedback and advice received from professional sportspersons and strength training athletes.

Regain flexibility, mobility, and strength in regions around your shoulder blade by completing simple daily exercises and stretches. This program will help you get rid of problems related to flexibility, mobility, strength, and range of motion.

Understand exactly what causes shoulder blade pain, then stimulate the process of healing with the help of simple stretches, exercises, and home treatments. Prevent further injuries by conditioning your shoulder and regions around the shoulder blade.

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